Posted by: hilarycole | November 3, 2007

And so it begins

As if going to Kenya wasn’t enough of a life shake-up, I’ve now got a blog and a Flickr page.

I’m about seven hours away from leaving Vancouver, and I wanted to kick the weblog process off with a gargantuan thank you. I’ve been wanting to do this trip for so long, I would have done it alone; but it feels pretty remarkable to be heading to Africa-the-unknown with so many supportive people giving me a shove…

First of all, the fam – Megan and Robby for the fundraiser, all three sibs for the iPod (??!!) and my parents who seem to be willing to lose a little sleep. Everyone at GF Strong – those who gave me the leave of absence as well as my co-worker-friends who are always happy to have something to drink a toast to (like you people need an excuse), and so many generous friends. Bit of an Oscar speech I know, but it’s fromage time – I’ve really been amazed at how much people have helped support this.

So here’s the rough schedule:

November 5 – arrive in Nairobi, freak out a little, then have my faith in humanity restored as everything that’s supposed to happen does (how’s that for niaive?!)

November 6-14 – spend time at the Rescue Dada Centre on the outskirts of the city. This is the street-girls’ orphanage and rehabilitation centre where such a massive outpouring of monetary support will be going in memory of my beautiful friend Avchen. I’ll be meeting Agnes and Juliana, the two girls whose education will be sponsored, thanks to her. I’ll also be delivering a framed photo of Avchen, taken when she was there seven years ago.

November 14-December 16 – work with ICODEI, or Volunteer Kenya as it’s known in North America, outside of Bungoma. I’ll be teaching a group of people to be community resources on HIV/AIDS. Back to Oscar-speech form, I have to mention that thanks to overwhelming support (no hyperbole there), we’ve raised enough to also support a micro-enterprise project for a group of women. Very cool. Way to go troops.

December 16-20 – TBA

December 20 – leave Kenya

December20-22 – quick hop from Heathrow up to visit Mel & Drew and cousin Heather in St. Andrews, Scotland.

December 23 – arrive late night in Newfoundland for Christmas with family

December 30 – back to Vancouver

After I leave Nairobi, I’m not anticipating regular Internet access. But I will do my best to get photos and updates out. Take care everyone….



  1. Congrats to the one person I know LEAST likely in to succumb to blogging and flickring in this great world wide web!… the many, many fantastic reasons and things about you going to Africa are obvious, and we look forward to hearing and reading about all of it, but my little secret victory is how this next chapter in your life has opened up your world to the blogosphere!!

    Karibu Yetu! Mizuri Shani!!

  2. Don’t succumb Hil….I’m drowning!! Ahhhhhhh…….! Blogosphere everywerrrrrrrre! Wicked witch voice now: Melting! Meeellllting!

    Looking forward your many inevitable Kenyan tails.


  3. Ohhhhhhh…so THIS is what they call a blog! Now I understand.

    (I just finally figured out how to read the comments and leave one- I’m pathetic)

    Hil you are my hero in so many ways.

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