Posted by: hilarycole | November 10, 2007

Move over Jenny Craig…

…have I got a weight-loss plan for you! The belly blues weren’t so bad though. There are toilets in my current locale and I’m back on solids a mere two days later. Here’s a tip for future sufferers of GI issues – get yourself to a street-girls’ rescue centre in Kenya and the blues will be gone in no time. These girls love visitors, love attention and love love love that digital camera. I wish I could share all my photos but it’s taken 1/2 hour to upload just a few. The full Flickr photo album will be available at Christmas.

Yesterday I went to Rescue Dada alone – don’t worry Mom, my driver is a diligent caretaker and there’s a former tour-guide now working on the road to Rescue Dada that looks out for me every day. Actually, this whole place is far safer than I’d expected, and everyone is commenting on how much Nairobi has changed in the past five years. I have to make an ethical decision if I do get mugged (I don’t plan on it at the moment) – if I yell for help, apparently a mob attacks the mugger and beats him thoroughly. No kidding, they don’t appreciate being given a bad rap. Michelle and Alex witnessed this yesterday. So I’ll have to decide if my few shillings’ loss is worth some poor guy’s life.

Back to happier tales, I met Juliana yesterday – she’s the other girl being sponsored through Avchen’s fund. She’s already been reintegrated back into her home with her mother and is in a public school. So the Rescue Dada driver, a very bright and wonderful man named Antony, drove me and two social workers over crazy roads (I use the word road loosely) to her school. It was a brief meeting but so worth it. She is an incredibly shy girl – beautiful, polite, and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She says she’s very happy to be going to a private school thanks to her sponsors (of which I told her there are many). Her home situation is not a supportive one, and since Kenya made primary schooling free, classes in public schools have up to 100 children per class. With her demeanor, she would definitely be left out. I feel confident in saying we are supporting two girls who will undoubtedly benefit.

I’m back at the Centre on Monday and then leaving for the western province for my teaching project – I’ve been laughed at when I ask about e-mail access there. Keep well everyone.


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