Posted by: hilarycole | November 10, 2007

Photos will have to wait…

This was an e-mail I sent two days ago….

I think I was optimistic on the blog and flickr plan; I’m currectly at the “fast” Internet place.  It’s taken 1/2 an hour to get to this point…

But I need to share the events of the past few days, as they have been truly remarkable.  I met two fantastic people immediately upon arriving; a British helicopter pilot and his American-OT wife who live in Calgary now.  As traveling goes, we’ve become instant friends; we’ve also connected with a young freelance journalist who is taking a break in NAirobi after his 5 months in Sudan. He’s been a wonderfully generous tour guide.

So the above-mentioned Michelle and Alex, who arrived on the same flight as me, loved the idea of the Rescue Dada Centre and wanted to come along yesterday. Then I called my friend (and gracious subletter) Cindy’s friend Bart who is here now and he wanted to come too.  So I took an entourage to Rescue Dada and had the most fantastic two hours.  After our guided tour of the girls’ living quarters, school rooms, kitchen and the associated beauty school for older girls, we were met by the end-of-schoolday onslaught of love and affection. TAking digital camera photos with a bunch of little Kenyan girls was a riot.  BArt apparently re-discovered his passion for leggo.

I will try again to upload photos and send more information – they’re really beautiful and heartwarming.  And the people at Rescue Dada were so grateful and full of thanks.  I gave them the first year’s sponsorship for Agnes and Juliana, and the beautiful photo of Avchen.  I met Agnes (Aggie) and she is adorable.  All the staff were praying we would sponsor her as she’s been there for five years – far more than the typical rehabilitation time as she has no family to return to. There is so much to write, but it will have to come in installments.  We went back again today and the girls were so happy to see us again.  We helped the cook prepare dinner and then, in gratitude, the beauty school girls treated Michelle and me us to manicures and Alex to a foot and hand massage!!!  You should see my beautiful pink nails – my cuticles have never looked so good!

We’ll go back again tomorrow; Bart wants to teach the girls yoga, so they’re organizing that.  And Michelle and Alex want to sponsor a girl now.  So the gift keeps on growing….

Safiri salama!


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