Posted by: hilarycole | September 16, 2009

Round Two

It’s been nearly two years since I left Kenya, and I’m about to embark on Round Two.

The gist of what has happened since can be read at – the site for the organization a group of us started in Vancouver, mostly to support the work of Mama Mercy (see my 2007 post How to be a Human Being).

It has been a remarkable couple of years working with this small group of dedicated volunteers who have really started to make this project cook. Our immediate goal, aside from sponsoring two girls from Rescue Dada, is to help Mama Mercy create a children’s centre in a rural area where dozens of orphans from her Kenyan community can be housed and cared for.

My role is less clear this time, which is a little unsettling; on my first trip I had a structured HIV-education program laid out for me to step into with a well-oiled organization. This time, I will have to do some surveying and communicating in terms of accountability to our funding partners, but my personal goal is to learn from a true master how to serve. Mama Mercy has dedicated every day of her life to serving the poor, so it will be a privilege to work alongside her.



  1. Onward… Awesome. Can’t wait to see where this next journey takes you. Let’s see some new pics!

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